Friday, June 01, 2012

Lobster for breakfast, anyone?

I went to the Selera Putra food court at Dataran Putra in Putrajaya for breakfast today. And that was my breakfast -- roti canai, beef curry, lobster and teh tarik. This breakfast cost me RM31.80 (about USD10) and it was finger lickin' gooooooood :).

The Selera Putra food court is next to the Putra Mosque and you have to take the stairs / escalator down to reach the food court (just follow the signs). There are several food stalls there and I had this breakfast at Hameed's Nasi Kandar, which is a Malaysian Indian Muslim cafe. The Indian Muslims in Malaysia are called mamak (don't ask me why). After you have gone down the stairs / escalator, the cafe is on you right. Here's how the stall looks like.

The past 3 days had been busy and hectic. I took the day off today and decided to indulge myself as a reward for being such a good girl. So after that breakfast, I decided to have some cheese cake and I headed to Secret Recipes, which is on the opposite side of Hameed's Nasi Kandar. If you have a sweet tooth and feel like having some cake while you're in Malaysia, head to a Secret Recipes outlet. They have the best cheese cake in town. This is the view from where I was sitting. There are not many people there this morning.

Outside the food court is a caricature stall by a local artist. If you've always wondered how you look like caricatured, here's your chance to find out. In the photo below are caricatures of a few Malaysian public figures. The artist wasn't there at the time, so I'm guessing if you want to see him/her, you would have to come a little later in the day.

Also opposite of the food court is a building with several shops in it. In front of the building are a few stalls that sell souvenirs. There are some interesting ones (depending on you definition of interesting, I guess).

Inside the building are shops that sell clothing -- dresses, t-shirts, costume jewelries, scarf etc.

This shop sells batik shirts and kaftans.

Here's a shop selling hijabs, scarves and shawls.

This mannequin is dressed in the traditional Malay baju kurung made from the songket fabric.

Putrajaya is the administration capital of Malaysia and this part of Putrajaya is always swarming with tourists, probably because of the landmarks in this area. This is a view of the Putra Square.

This is the Prime Minister Department building.

Here is the Putra Mosque.

A view of the bridge across the lake. This bridge looks amazingly beautiful at night when the lights are on. May be I'll come back one evening and snap a photo of the bridge at night. There's a beautiful building to the right of the bridge. I don't know what building this is (sorry about that).

In case you're wondering why the word "Putra" is often used in the names of the buildings and places here, it is in honour of the first prime minister after independence, i.e. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra.

And in case you're wondering if that's my typical breakfast, it's not :-).

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