Thursday, September 03, 2015

Langkawi Island: Dataran Lang and Taman Lagenda

Second day. I woke up early. Lazed in bed for a while - the bed was really comfy - the kind of comfy that makes you just want to laze in bed all morning. But... I had a day of activities ahead. So I got up, showered and got dressed. Buffet breakfast was at the Lagenda Restaurant.

There was enough variety to satisfy Orient and Western palate. I started with some fruits. The omelette was quite good. The roti canai with dal gravy was delicious. The roti jala and curry gravy was so so.

The taxi I booked (Langkawi Taxi Service) for the day arrived at 9 a.m. First stop: Dataran Lang (Eagle Square). The eagle stands on limestone. 'Lang' means 'eagle', 'kawi' means 'limestone'. That was the how Langkawi got its name. Langkawi's limestone is among the best quality in the world. Snapped a few photos and left. The square is rather small. There are a few gift shops there. Next stop: Taman Lagenda, which is next door, literally.

The giant eagle (lang).

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View at Dataran Lang (Eagle Square).

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Langkawi is an island of many legends and and the sculptures in Taman Lagenda (Park of Legends, I guess, is the translation) tells the story of its many legends.

Two giant battled, resulting in broken pots. Hence, the name of the town where the battle took place -- Belanga Pechah (broken pots).

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The mermaid and the gold ball.

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The battle between garuda and jentayu -- two giant birds.

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I spent almost an hour strolling in the park. It was a walk down memory lane... reminding myself of the stories I read and heard about when I was a little girl. It brought back good memories.

Next stop was the Craft Center.

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