Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finding Halal Food in Xi'an

It's easy to find halal food in Xi'an because it has a large Muslim population. If you see that first line on the sign board of a shop, that means it's a halal shop.

I like the flavours of Xi'an food. The food is not spicy (don't think I've ever had Chinese food that is spicy). The flavours were pleasing to my taste buds. A nice break from the spicy food I'm so used to. This is first day lunch.

And this is first day dinner.

Yes, that's a lot of food! We traveled in a group of twelve and the meals were inclusive in the tour package. I asked our guide how much our meals cost on average. She said, around 500 yuan per meal. That makes it about mid-range price - not too expensive. I'd say that's good value for an awesome meal.

If the photos of the food makes you feel like packing and getting on the next flight to Xi'an, I should warn you that communication is rather problematic if you don't speak Mandrin. So if you're not traveling with people who speak Mandrin or have a local guide, be sure to pack a dictionary. Otherwise, even ordering a meal could be an adventure! Ha ha....

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