Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Xi'an Museum

From the entrance, you have to walk through a pretty little garden before you reach the museum building. It was spring and the view was pleasing to the eyes. A group of art students were painting in the garden. I love the pretty pink flowers.

Art students painting in the garden.

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What better way to learn more about the culture and history of a city you visit than to go to the museum. If you're a history buff, of course this is a must-visit. I was disappointed that some of the exhibits were only labeled in Chinese.

Entrance to the museum.

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Here's just four of many jade exhibits. I never knew that once upon a time, jade were used as tools. I thought they were only used as accessories. Drinking from a jade cup is believed to have health benefits.

Jade exhibits.

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The layout of Xi'an city (sorry I couldn't squeeze in the whole thing). It was the capital city of the Tang Dynasty and was the biggest metropolitan city of its time. If I remember correctly, our guide said that it was six times bigger than The Forbidden City. Impressive, huh?

I'm always impressed by artistic people who can make pretty things (I simply don't have the patience). The brass horses are intricate.

Brass exhibits.

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The pottery warriors and figures were painted with lively colours. The photos didn't turn out very well. Hmmmm... may be I finally have the excuse to buy a new, better camera.

Pottery exhibits.

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This was one of the exhibits that was not labeled in English. I thought it was a tomb. When I showed the photo to our guide, she said it's actually a coffin for the rich of the Han people. That is one very big coffin!

Tianjin folk arts exhibition was on during our visit. I don't know much about arts, but I can appreciate pretty things :).

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