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Terracotta Warriors of Emperor Qhi Shi Huang

The Terracotta Warriors is about one hour drive from Xi'an city. We headed there after visiting Banpo Museum. On the way, I saw this statue of Lady Yang and the emperor. The mountain in the background is where the summer palace is located.

After paying for the ticket, you wait for a buggy that will take you to the site where the warriors are located. You can walk, but it's a long walk. My suggestion is to take the buggy and save your energy because you'll do a lot of walking later on. Enjoy the view while waiting for the buggy.

Beautiful view after the entrance.

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Prior to 1974, no one knew this place exists because there was no record of it. Three farmers digging a well accidentally stumbled on the warriors. After the excavation site was opened to the public, the farmers were hired by the government to work there and greet visitors. Two of them have retired, only one is still there. If you buy a book about the terracotta warriors, you can get him to sign it and have a photo taken with him.

I had seen photos and a documentary of the terracotta warriors, but standing there, seeing it with my own eyes was beyond awesome. 8000 warriors, each with a unique face. Most were found broken and archeologists meticulously pieced them back together. I admire their patience.

The figures found include charriots and horses. The figures were originally colourful but the colours faded within minutes of being excavated, and so, we're left with the dull gray colour. it is estimated that there are 8000 soldiers, 130 charriots with 520 horses and 150 calvary horses -- many of which remain buried.

According to our guide, this place is always crowded. If you're traveling with children, I advice you be extra cautious. If you get separated from your children, finding them in the crowd won't be easy.

8000 warriors, each with a unique face.

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Here you can see a kneeling archer, middle ranking officer, calvary man and high ranking officer.

Pit 3.

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Excavation is not yet completed. In Pit 2 and Pit 3, you can see the work in progress.

Work in progress at Pit 3.

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This chariot is half the life size. I took photos from different angles but they didn't turn out well due to the dim lighting. Cute horses. :)

Charriot half the life size.

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Like Banpo Museum, the buildings here were built over the excavation sites.

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I left this place feeling very happy. One item stricken off my bucket list.

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